Recently I have contributed to the travel anthology “Alone Together – Tales of Sisterhood and Solitude”, as the author of the non-fiction narrative “Could this be the Place?”. The piece has been chosen as the winning story of the “Women Travel Latin America” (WTLA) writing contest. Learn more

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Book description

Office worker Julia defies the jeers of childhood bullies as she vows to become a cowboy in Colombia while Phebe’s worst nightmare creeps up on her in the darkest corner of the jungle. Elizabeth confronts her Cuban grandfather with the past he tried to erase, Kelly is ambushed by bandits on a midnight bus in Mexico and Rebecca must unravel the mysterious disappearance of a young woman in Argentina. Alone Together presents the extraordinary true stories of thirty-six women who explored a region they were taught to fear and uncovered the curious bond that exists between Latin America and the lone women on its roads. From chicken buses without bathrooms to trusty bamboo bicycles, these honest, heart-wrenching and often amusing adventures are essential reading for anyone curious about this part of the world.

“A terrific book. Alone Together is extraordinarily varied and its tales are united in the quality of the writing, which describes so effectively the kindness of strangers and the message that “travelling alone … is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.” – Hilary Bradt MBE, editor of Roam Alone: Inspiring tales by reluctant solo travellers

“Finally we have Alone Together, a remarkable anthology written by women of many voices and experiences. Every story ensures the reader will feel part of the adventure. Inspiring as well as powerful, this book is a must for all travelers to the region.” – Marjorie Agosín, author of I lived on Butterfly Hill and winner of the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement.

“A terrific collection of characterful, colourful vignettes, Alone Together ditches the gringo trail in favour of everyday encounters from across Latin America. Often poignant, always personal, it captures what’s best about independent travel – the excitement, the fears, the surprises and, above all, the richness of shared humanity. A joy to read.” – Oliver Balch, author of Viva South America! A Journey through a Restless Continent shortlisted for Book of the Year by the British Travel Press Awards.

“These poignant stories will ensure readers see Latin America through new eyes as they challenge conventional stereotypes of women traveling alone. They will laugh and cry and relive their own experiences. As one writer states, “we cannot choose where we are born, [but] we can choose where we leave our hearts.” For these writers, that place is Latin America.” – Jill Gibian, editor of Argentina: A Traveler’s Literary Companion.

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