Julia Buschmann

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Ich mache meinem Nachnamen gerne alle Ehre. Je wilder eine Landschaft, je unberührter, umso besser.

Still sitzen fiel mir schon in der Schule schwer. Irgendwo hineinzupassen oder hinzugehören auch. Stattdessen trieb mich die Neugierde an, die Gier auf Neues. Immer dabei: Stift und Notizbuch.

Auf der Suche nach guten Geschichten trieb es mich jahrelang kreuz und quer durch die Welt: Kellnern und Farmwork in Australien, Backpacking in Neuseeland, Spanien und Irland, Bartender in London, Studium in Ostkanada und Nordengland, Projektmanager und Pressesprecherin in Edinburgh, dann Sprachenlehrerin und Journalistin in Bogota.

Seit 2014 lebe ich mitten in Kolumbien. In der Provinzhauptstadt Yopal am Fuße der Anden mit Blick über die weiten Llanos Ebenen bin ich als Autorin und Öko-Tourismusunternehmerin tätig. Endlose Prärien, üppige Feuchtsavannen, Palmwälder und faszinierende Wildtierarten haben mich so sehr beeindruckt, dass ich diesen Schatz mit gleichgesinnten Reisenden teilen wollte. So war http://www.aventurecotours.com geboren.

Buschpost ist eine Sammlung von Eindrücken, Gedanken und Anekdoten aus Kolumbien und anderswo. Mal ausführlich, mal knapp, mal in Bildern sende ich “Post aus dem Busch”.

Life in Colombia feels very much like having escaped to Taka Tuka land.


I am Julia Buschmann and I like to do justice to my surname. The more rugged, the more pristine a landscape, the better. 

Sitting still has never been a strength of mine, neither has fitting in or belonging somewhere. Fueled by curiosity and on the lookout for good stories, I have criss-crossed the globe: From waiting tables and farm work in Australia as a teenager to backpacking New Zealand, Ireland and Spain to bartending in London to studying in Eastern Canada and Northern England to being a project manager and press spokesperson in Edinburgh and a teacher and journalist in Bogota in my twenties. I have somewhat successfully refused to stick to one life but instead turned one life into many.

I am not telling this out of confidence but rather apologetic. I just cannot help it but follow a feeling, a whim, an idea, and therefore seem to fail at giving family and friends a definite answer as to where or what next. 

For now at least I am calling Colombia home. Based at the foot of the Andes in the province’s capital city of Yopal in Los Llanos I am a writer and communications specialist, an eco-tourism entrepreneur and guide. Vast prairies, lush wetlands, palm forests and wildlife in abundance paired with cowboy culture and horse riding (my favourite!) had left me enthralled. The off-beat destination that are Los Llanos nourished the idea of sharing the experience with like-minded travelers and pioneering international tourism in the region. This is how http://www.aventurecotours.com was born.

Buschpost captures and collects impressions, tales and anecdotes from Colombia and elsewhere in short form, long form and images. 

Raised in Germany near the Dutch border I have grown rather fond of Colombian “onces” (afternoon sweets and coffee) as well as the nation’s passion for cycling, and enjoy Colombia’s diverse landscapes and climate zones. If not glued to the screen of my computer or guiding visitors, you’ll most likely find me walking our little shepherd mix dog, which we adopted somewhat involuntarily and now find hard not to love, in a café with a book or scribbling on a notepad, or photographing the region’s amazing wildlife.

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